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Made some sticks today.

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I had some ground beef left over from some other things I was doing and since it was 5# I pulled out a pack of Lem summer sausage mix and did it up this morning, pics below. I made them in my Dehydrator as I can not get the desired results in my Cookshack with out a lot of messing around.








Into the fridge over night and will be cut up and vacpacked tomorrow.

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In the dehydrator huh, never tried that. Are they skinless too? What temp do ya take them up too?

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    How about sharing the details?



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Nice sticks.


They come out good in the Cabelas dehydrator.

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Looks good from here. I might have to try some of that now. Boy that list just keep gettin longer



Happy Smokin



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looks great !!!!

I'm making some next weekend

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Had a pack of this, usually have seasoning mixes in the cupboard.


Started with 5# of ground beef 84/16 is how it was labeled used the above kit per directions, I keep different size peanut butter jars cleaned to mix the seasoning/cure with the water in I used 4oz of water to mix and the last ounce to rinse the jar out, (was to lazy to look for a can of beef broth to use in place of the water) Hand mixed until tacky and got out the Cabelas Jerky Canon, only used the one tube since I only had 5# to work with, put on the snackstick end and piped them onto the racks of the Cabelas Dehydrator ( I love that thing, should have bought the bigger 160 liter model, Take note hear folks, don't make the same mistakes I did) Set the temp at max 160 and the time at 8 hours, checked them at 3 hours and temp was in the 130's from what I could tell, checked again at the 4,5 hour mark and they were in the 140's hard to stick the centers.


Left them set a few minutes while I started my dinner and then took them out and wiped the rendered grease from them and put in the fridge to cool completely, until I can package them tomorrow after work.


I did not use a casing, I normally do, but they give me issues as in they separate and do nit keep that snap we all like, they turn rubbery.

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Thanks for adding the details Dave!


They sure came out looking good!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Thanks for adding the details Dave!


They sure came out looking good!

X2 yes thanks for the info

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