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Three Experimental Rubs

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Three new rubs I am experimenting with I created them yesterday.




Meat marinating in rubs to be smoking ETA Wednesday


2011-10-23 11.33.45.jpg


Created also red wine flavored sea salt


I have been creating some rubs for smoking. Some are savory and some are on the sweet side. I am going to test them out this week. I bought a pork butt roast divided it up into 3 pieces. The three rubs I am testing are Cherry Chipotle, Apple N Spice, and Orange Ginger.   Each rub contains only natural fruit and spices and herbs. To each my dry rubs (3 large tablespoons of each rub) I added 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of brandy. Proably should of used just brandy. Anyway put each piece of pork in a plastic bag and add the rubs and liquid. The meat will rest and get happy for 3 days and then I will be smoking it Wednesday



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Looks great.

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Sounds like a good experiment.


Looking forward to seeing which one you like the best.

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I did another last night to pork ribs that has a pineapple base.  It is a dry rub I created and rub into meat and let it marniate for 3 days after in vaccum pack with food saver.   Tastes like sweet and sour pork.   Will post pictures later.

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I am also developing a tequilla and lime sea salt.

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