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Holiday turkey !

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Here's my problem, I want to smoke a turkey for the holidays but don't know which would be the best rout to take. Should I go with doing it on UDS with rotisserie or should I go with my webber 22.5 kettle with a rotisserie set up. By the time it will be cold here in western PA. So I ask you all what would be the best way to go?
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The first thing I ever smoked was turkey on my Weber kettle.  Easy peezy!  No rotisserie either (not that you can't use one).  I just "flipped the bird" after the first 3 ish hours (I start with breast side down to let all the juices flow into the breast meat, then flip with an hour or so to go.  Use the indirect method -- coals on each side of the kettle.  And catch those drippings for some off-the-hook gravy!


I imagine turkey on the UDS is also quite easy.  I just know how to set it up on the Weber after probably dozens of turkeys....  Why mess with easy or success?


Feel free to pick my brain if you decide on the Weber.

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I have cooked many birds on my Weber kettle & like James said they are easy. If you have a rotisserie setup that sound like a winner to me. Coals on the sides, pan in the middle.

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