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BRISKET for football

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needed some beef sandwiches for saturday and sunday foot ball games so why not make a brisket?


rubbed down and into the fridge overnight


steak 001.jpg


off the smoker, wrapped in foil and about to sit in the cooler for a couple hours

note the juice pan just added water and trapped all the drippings


steak 008.jpg




pulled and ready to eat


steak 012.jpg


nice sandwich   caught the juices and dipped the bun in them


steak 013.jpg


had four of these so far over the last two days,   hmmmmmmm ok i'll go get one more

thanks for looking



someone looks happy






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Originally Posted by miamirick View Post
someone looks happy






Did your dog lose his dentures?!?!?!


Brisket looks awesome Rick!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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looks that way  todd,  not my dog but i loved the picture so had to post it!

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I can't get past the dog.

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Awesome looking brisket!


Great dog photo!

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