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Brisket for a crowd w/Q View

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My mother in law finally retired and invited us to her party in TX. (I think it was because she heard about my smoking)  My father in law decided to rush out and buy a ECB smoker.  Luckily we were staying friends who happened to have the most amazing smoker I have ever seen.



I decided this would do a much better job with three briskets than the ECB.  Since there were going to be up to 60 people I didn't want to have bad brisket and since this was more similar to my chargriller than the ECB I went with this.  Since we were in TX our friend had tons (literally) or mequite wood that he had collected on his property so the briskets were smoked over 100% mesquite.  The briskets were rubbed with Bilbos Rub and went on around midnight.


I had a wireless thermo to keep track of my progress since the smoker has no temp probes on it at all.  This kept the temps in check and the smoke kept strong until around 9 in the morning when I pulled them off.  I quickly wrapped them in foil and towels and let them rest in an ice chest until it was time for the party.

The briskets came out great and were a big hit.  We wound up only having about half a brisket left after the party.


The bark was awesome, and they were full of great flavor and tender and juicy.  I figure if I can cook up some briskets that will pass muster with Texans, then it must have been ok.  I also cooked up a double batch of Bilbos sauce and that was a hit too.

Unfortunately due to the chaos of catering the party myself I didn't get better photos of the briskets or of the fatties, sausages and ABTs that I cooked in the ECB right before and during the party.  I made a bacon cheeseburger fattie (like I've posted before) and a supreme pizza fattie (also like I've posted before).  My wife loves kielbasa brand smoked sausages that we've only ever found in TX, so I smoked some of those and then I mixed cream cheese and cheddar and put some in the jalepenos and wrapped in bacon and put on the rack above the fatties.  They all came out great but in my haste I took no photos.

I have to say that Texas Best smoker was AWESOME.  I had tried to talk my father in law into building a UDS since I really want to use one but I'm glad I got to use this smoker and get some experience with ECB.

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That's some Awesome bark........................It would have been nice to see it sliced, I bet it had a great smoke ring.


Thanks for (some) Qview biggrin.gif

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It looks good i agree with raptor  a slice of this great one will be nice

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X3 on the sliced photo's!


The bark looks amazing!

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Nice job. It looks great drool.gif

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That looks great! Thanks for the rub & sauce plug! Glad you like the recipes! Nice smoker you got to borrow!

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Looks Great !!!


X4 on the slice pics-----Maybe next time??



Nice Job,


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Sorry for not having any sliced pics.  I kinda got behind while getting the party ready that I didn't even take any photos of the smoke ring.  It was by far the best bark I've ever had and probably the best brisket I've ever made.  I'll have to make one at home some time soon so I can redeem myself with extra q-view

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Nice looking Brisky drool.gif,  that's a cool looking smoker , I know why you enjoyed cooking on it:


Betty 002.JPG


but, just a little is never enough.......


Betty 014.JPG


Have fun and.........

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Looks good from here.  My neck is a bit sore from turning it to see the pics though icon_cool.gif


We tend to like a lot of pics on this here Forum......the more steps you include the better. 



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