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1st Brisket on My New Pellet Smoker - Heavy Q-View! - Page 2

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Man that looks great!

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Great smoke ring. Brisket is perfect. Great looking meal.

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Ddddddddrrrrrrrooooooooooooooollllllllllll!! drool.gif

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Beauty!! Now you've got me "jonesing" for brisket!!

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Looks wonderful!!!

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Finally got to gaze at these pics & read the story---------AWESOME !!!!!


Smoke Ring, Burnt Ends, and that Plate are over the top!!!


SUPER THREAD, Todd!!!!!!


How does a pellet smoker work???





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Very nice Todd!  Pretty amazin to get a smoke ring like that!

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That is amazing! Great job and congrats on the new smoker! Looks like it runs nice.

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Thanks Guys!


Not 100% sold on pellet poopers yet.

Definitely a learning curve on these things


Temps vary quite a bit when pellets are fed, and then stable out.  Tough to get a consistent temp so far, but working on it.






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Just saw this Todd... How does the smoke ring form? Do the pellets react differently than they would in an MES using AMNPS? Awesome looking rig - what brand is it?

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Man that looks great Todd and those burnt ends... man, that's my favorite part of a brisket and yours look killer!  As for that smoke ring... that's in the 10 ring for sure!


By the way, thanks for the excellent service this morning and I also enjoyed our phone conversation!



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Very Nice smoke ring Todd. I used your amaz-n smoker that you sent me the other day to day a prime rib today and it came out A-1 OK.


thanks !



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that looks awesome!

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Just had to come back and look at this thread again, I just love the brisket look and the killer smoke ring!

I have made brisket before and tonight I am doing an all nighter with one, but this thread is what pushed me over the edge to get a pellet smoker. Hope tonight brisket turns out looking as mouth watering as Todds did...

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I am drooling! Love burnt ends! Great Qview!

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that's a great looking smoke ring!

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WOW!!!! Look at that smoke ring! I haven't done a brisket in a long time and have never done burnt ends, this post is inspiring. I think I see a brisket and some burnt ends in my future.
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Nice brisket and smoker!

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Drool factor has hit 10, nice job.

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Todd, that brisket is making my mouth water! Great smoke ring!
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