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Smoking some thighs and drumsticks today w/q-view

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Tailgating today in boulder to watch Oregon destroy the buffs.  In honor of the Ducks I decided to go with some chicken for the spread.  Went with the Slaughterhouse brine recipe and I don't know how it tastes, but is sure smells amazing.  I started the brining around midnight.  Used a huge bowl and just submerged the chicken in it.20111022003353.jpg


I took the chicken out around 4 this morning and started up the smoker.  As you can see my photography skills are amazing.



I woke up around 7 to give it a check.  A little nervous about the smoker producing heat.  I thought with an electric it would provide a steady stream of heat, but it was very cold this a.m., so I think I will probably have to finish up on the gas grill. 



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Can't wait to see how they turn out.



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I finished them on the grill with some direct heat for about 10 minutes and then indirect for the past 20.  Made a mixture of Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy and Devil's Spit along with Coors light for the wet sauce. I took one little leg off to try it.  Holy cow.  That is the best chicken I have ever made.  The meat from the brine was excellent.  Thanks for all the advice men!




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Looking good man

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Nice looking bird drool.gif


Thanks for the Qview grilling_smilie.gif

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Great looking tailgate grub!drool.gif

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Nice job Buddy!


They look delicious!

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