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Smoky Canned Big Game Chunks

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i'll hopefully be trying this one this weekend - will report on results if i do

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I did try this over the weekend and things seemed to go pretty well. I haven't tated the results yet, but will do so and write up a full report.

For now, I've posted a few step-by-step pix in the original post regarding the canning process. The pictures are from The Hunting and Fishing Library's [i]Dressing and cooking Wild Game[/i] volume.
This was surprisingly easy and definitely worth a try, if anyone is looking to clean out their freezere and/or have some canned meat that will come in handy for soups, stews, sandwiches and other dishes!
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Use a cold pack for easier yet.... just bump the pressure cook time up to 1.5 hours @10 psi

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g'morning, iamaxxer - if i read you correctly, you say go straight from the marinade to the jars/broth?

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 I've used the raw pack method mentioned above for years..... really cuts down on the prep time!

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Interesting post!  I will be waiting for your review of the finished product.  Which meats did you use?

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iamaxxer - good link! thanks!


RR - i'll try to get it posted here by the end of the weekend. i simply used venison, but didn't smoke it for this trial run. basically, i'm just clearing out the freezer for the deer we will get this year.


i'm thinking of opening up a jar tonight and seeing how the results taste ~

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When you have pressure cooked "raw packed" you will be amazed how much juice(not water) will be in the jar when your done...


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