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have to say THANK YOU!!!

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I just wanted to throw a great big thank you to Jeff for starting this forum and to all my new smokin friends. Everywhere I have lived, I have been the only one of my friends that did any smoking. I have buddies that are masters of the grill, but none that had a clue about smoking. Most of what I have done with my smoking has been trial and error, so I guess you can say I am self taught. Don't get me wrong, I have done pretty well. I have done pulled pork for all of my kids birthdays and everyone loved it. I just started attempting brisket this summer and had a friend request that I make both for their wedding last month. I wasn't there but I hear that people were asking for the place to buy the food so they could get some too. So I have done ok. But since coming onto the forum, in just a few short days, I have learned twice what I already knew. And I haven't even scratched the surface of the info on here.

For all of your help and the future help I am sure to get from all the wonderful people on here..... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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Glad your getting so much from the forum.


Were all like one big family here.


Real happy to have you aboard!

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Glad that you are with us. And I know what you mean about having friends that are grill masters but have no clue about smoking. grilling_smilie.gif
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You've already been a great addition, Bigfish !!!!


LOL---You and your two sidekicks !!!




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You are going to have a great time here..


Have done the free awesome E-Course yet???



Have  great day!!



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On day 5 of the ecourse!
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Yeah,Fish. You're a keeper , welcome to the School (pun)biggrin.gif

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