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Pickled Beets

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Yum. I love my old mans pickled beets. I really need to start getting into canning. I'm am hoping when we move to a new house I can have a garden and get into canning. Great post.

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It looks great i love pickled beets. how did you keep you hands clean and not rad i just did beet kvas and my hands are rad.


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Oh Boy!


Another great post! Personally I'm not a big pickled beet fan, but my wife puts them on everything.


I'm not going to let her see this thread or we'll be making pickled beets this weekend.



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hey, guys - thinks for the replies - this was a good one to do, for sure.


rbranster - until you get a garden going, you might see about getting some beets from a local farmer's market, or check your grocery store - this is certainly the time of year for root crops such as this!


africanmeat - the simple answer to your question is: i was VERY careful, and went through a lot of paper towels!


al - i like pickled beets well enough, but my wife loves them. this might be an opportunity for you to score a few points with her! :)

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never had home canned pickled beets but i can eat the ones out of a can for dessert.

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