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Awesome Tri Tip

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Top Side of Tri TipUnderside of tri tipTri Tip Just Out of the Smoker


Marinated tri tip in 1 cup apple juice plus 1 tablespoon meat tenderizer for 12 hours.  Poured off liquid and rubbed meat down with a savory dry rub of herbs salt and pepper, no sugar.  Let meat rest for 24 hours and then placed in clay baking dish and smoked for 6 hours.  I basted meat every hour.  first basting I used beef broth and there after used the meats own juices, drippings. Smoker used

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Looks great, how do you like your cajun injector smoker?

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It really looks good!


Sure wish you would have cut into it.


I would have loved to see the inside!

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it looks great like AL said love to see bear view of a slice of this yummy meat

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I really like the Cajun Injection Smoker.  It is very reasonably priced, easy to use and clean.  I have to be careful when cleaning because where the trays slide into are sharp and you can get cut.   That is the only draw back.  This is my first smoker although my Dad had one for years.  Ivie

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You are right I didn't think about it was to anxious to drive into it.  I still could do that.  I still have half of it in the frig.  Ivie

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Looks Real Good Ivie!!!!


My fault----I spoiled these guys by getting them all used to nice big close-ups of beautifully smoked meat (BearView), especially close pics of slices.


You can get it next time.





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But they are right should post pictures of it sliced.  I was on a carnivore binge and just dived in to it when I took it off the smoker.  I did not eat earlier in the day .  I was so bad.  I ate a third of it before hubby woke up from his nap.  It was not that large of a roast.  It was 3 1/2 - 4 pounds before smoking.    So I let him have all the pork ribs I smoked (those are his favorite) and coinceded the channel/cable/dvd/netflex changers to him for the rest of the week . icon_lol.gif  Thanks.   Ivie

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