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Buffalo chicken/bacon sausage!!!

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I have been wanting to make this sausage for awhile now and i final decide to give it a shot. My recipe it simple all it is


1 1/2 chicken breast (chopped by hand i was to lazy to pull out the grinder)

5 strips of bacon about less than half a pound.

1/4 cup of hot sauce i used red rooster but that's your choice.

the rest of the stuff i just eye balled

salt,black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder,smoked paprika, and a tiny pinch of dried thyme. here is my results.



I had to taste to make its right on!!



I put them in the smoker to dry the casing and to give them a light smoke at 150 degrees for about 2 hoursIMG_20111018_141913.jpg

Then on the grill to finish it off



Thanks for looking!!!!sausage.gif

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Look good to me!

I love chicken and bacon.

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It looks great was it hot and spicy  ?

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Great looking plate!


The sausage looks delicious!

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Man looks great!!  I'll take a plate please  drool.gif

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It has some spice not to much of a kick but its there. but they do taste really good!!!

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Wow great job!!!!  I would love one of those right now!!!!

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Looks delicious!!


  Thanks for sharing!



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drool.gifLooks great.

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Looks great .
Im taking the leap this weekend. Going out to buy meat grinder and sausage stuffer. Looks like this be a good one to start with.
Thanks for sharing .
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