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Bacon Yard bird

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After reading Jeff's newsletter about bacon wrapped chicken breasts I decided, if breasts are good why not the whole bird.  So, this past weekend I took a large whole chicken and spatchcocked it and skinned it.  I sprayed the whole bird with butter spray and coated it with Jeff's rub.  I then wrapped thin sliced bacon around the leg and thigh and made a weave across the breast.  I left the skin on the wings but put a half piece of bacon over them for good measure.  I sprinkled a bit of rub over the bacon and then into the fridge until time to smoke.  I smoked it at 300 until the breast temp was 165.  The bacon was crisp, except where it was hidden under the leg a bit, and the taste was wonderful.  This all took about 1.5 hours to smoke.  I think I will have to try this one again.


And before you say it, I know, without Qview it never really happened.  I will try to do it again and include pics next time. 

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Too bad about no photo's, it really sounds good!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Too bad about no photo's, it really sounds good!




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Lol, well I guess I won't say it.


It sounds good anyways.



Happy Smokin'




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X4----Sounds Great!!!


Would love to see some pics----Hope the next one isn't too far out there!!!



Thanks for telling us about it anyway,


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