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Liars Chuckie

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The Liar: Last week I spotted this strange looking cow out behind my house. My pet wolf and I proceeded to take him down and we ended up with 2 3.5 pound chuck roasts. I was planning to put them in the smoker but a dangerous street gang broke into my house and stole one of them.


The Liars Wife: He is so full of it. We went to Sam's club and he begged me for a two pack of Chuck roasts they had in the cooler. I have to admit they looked pretty nice so we bought them...nobody broke into our house, I popped one in the pressure cooker and it came out great.He just doesn't want to admit that I can cook meat pretty well too. He wants to smoke the other one...I hope it doesn't come out like a baseball glove again. Oh, and we don't have a wolf, he is an Aussie that is afraid of the weed wacker.




The Liar: I soaked the meat i a special nectar made from the prized zuchinni flower.


The Liars wife: What the heck is he talking about? He used a rub recipe he found in a Weber cookbook. paprika, Chili powder, Cumin, Garlic powder, salt, pepper, and marjoram.





The Liar: I set the smoker to exactly 250 and started the process. This appears to be going flawlessly and will no doubt be the best Chuckie ever. I will never use the oven, only my smoker. Oven's are for non-purists.


The Liars Wife: He is having a terrible time with the fire. It's very windy out and he can barely keep the temp above 200. At least that is what he tells me, he does not have a temp gauge for the pit. He was cursing and shouting so I closed the windows. Then he chucked (now that's funny) the smoker into the neighbors yard. I'm sure I will have to clean that up tomorrow. Meanwhile, the chuckie is in the oven at 250 degrees and I did not put it there. I'm not sayin', I'm just saying. lets see what Mr. Purist has to say about that.


I am sure the Chuckie was on the smoker for at least 4 hours. By the way, he also placed a pan of beef broth and onions under the roast. The Brisket is now in the pan of broth in the oven.


The Liar: The phone is ringing off the hook and all the neighbors are asking about the "heavenly" smell.


The Liars Wife: yea, whatever.

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Love the Tall Tale...glad the wife is around to clear up the Facts...LMAO

Looking forward to the final Q-Viewicon14.gif

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The Liar: Going out to stoke the fire with Siberian wood coal.


The Liars Wife: Does this look like a smoker to you? Siberian what?


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Your wolf/dog is an Aussie .. say what? Just curious from down underaussieflag.gif.Chuck looks good who ever is ultimately responsible. Game day down here Australia v NewZealand.

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Aussie=Australian Shepard which in fact is an American breed and nobody seems to have any idea why they call it that.


Mine is on the left side of the stump.


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Liar: It's off the smoker, wrapped and in the cooler. All is in order.


Liars wife: He Locked me in the bathroom and when I finally got out the Chuck roast was gone and he was doing something on the side of the house and shouting about how great smokers are. He just brought the cooler in and he won't let me look in it. I went to the store to pick up some buns...grabbed some salami and cheese just in case.

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Aussie = Aust Sheperd

OK that makes no sense BUT nice looking dog. I thought you must have had a blue cattle dog or similiar.

Good luck with chuck.

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Originally Posted by Moikel View Post



OK that makes no sense BUT nice looking dog. I thought you must have had a blue cattle dog or similiar.

Good luck with chuck.


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Liar: What an utter failure. Bland and flavorless it was so tough that the wife left me.


Liars wife: I WENT TO THE STORE! Once again he is lying. While it could not be pulled it sliced up nicely and was very easy to bite and full of flavor. He tossed some peppers that we picked from the garden into the juice. It made for a tasty sandwich.











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Looks great,I never doubted you. Sent you a pm with photo of example of Aussie garden visitor being fed chicken wing by my mate Daz.

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Great looking chuckie!


Hilarious post!


Thanks for the entertainment!

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Love the humor in this post!!!


Oh, the chuckie looks great too.


Happy Smokin' (or not) lol



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I just cooked my second chuckie yesterday, and I just my never go back to brisket.  LOVE IT!

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Looks great. Love the story. Sounds like smoking day at my house. Luckily my smoker is too big to throw.

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That is hilarious! I just did two chuckies at my inlaws Saturday. Mother in law was going to freeze the leftovers.... there was supposed to be leftovers??biggrin.gif
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Congratulations on the post.  Two gold stars.  One for the humor and the other for the Q-view and chuckie. Keep up the good work.

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Awesome job on the Chuckie and post laugh1.gif


Just curious, What type of tree stump are the dogs standing on?

That thing is huge!

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That has to be the funniest post I have seen...Awesome chuckie!


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