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Hickory smoked burger

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another experimental run on my smoker. inspired by a man vs food episode and a nagging idea every time I smoke to toss one in. 



I used my current hamburger mixed with seasonings. about 1/2 lb patty. I just add a touch of BBQ sauce on the bun and cheese on top. I smoked it until 140 with Hickory chunks for about 1.5-2 hrs. then foiled in heat for another 10 min. let sit for another 5. I made three. me and a good neighbor ate 2 this was the lone survivor:


2011-10-15 14.27.58.jpg



it tasted just awesome. burgers are now hickory Smoked in my house!


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Can't beat a good smoked burger!


Yours looks delicious!


Great job!

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I agree. You can't beat a smoked burger.

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I love smoked burger, and those look just great.

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The next step is to try a stuffed smoked burger if you haven't already.

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Looks great.

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That looks mighty tasty!!!


I love them too, but the Mrs doesn't, so I always have to play timing games getting mine smoked & then finished on the grill, and hers just grilled.


"Women---Can't live with them, give me another beer"---------Is that how that old saying goes????





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