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Just started my 2 butts for tomorrow tailgate. Excited and nervous (q-view) - Page 2

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Put the temp guage in the smaller butt and when it hits 200 take it out and wrap it. Then put the guage into the larger butt due to the larger size it will take longer to hit ur temp of 200.

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yep they held my post so put one in my profile pics

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so I am finally recovering from yesterday's tailgate and total a** kicking (Boise St. killed my CSU Rams 63-13).  Time to put up the final pics for the q-view.  I have to say, I am absolutely loving smoking, and am looking to upgrade what I have.  I have the ECB with an electric attachment, and it works great for what I do, but really wanting to try bigger and better.  So my last pics and check was at 3 a.m., where I put 5 pounds of sausage on as well (2 pounds of Hillshire Farms and 3 pounds of Cavenaugh's Spicy from Sam's Club).  I woke back up around 6:30 a.m. and sprayed everything with the apple juice/rum mix and added more chips.  At 8:30 I pulled everything off the smoker.  Total smoking time for the butts came in around 19 hours and the sausage around 5.  I also made some beer cheese drip, chicken wing dip, and Guinness Chocolate cupcakes with vodka, Kuhlua, and Orange Liquor icing (no pics on that). Here are the pics.



finished jerk.jpg

finished butt with the Jerk sauce marinade

finished dry.jpg

finished butt with the dry rub


So I wrapped the butts in foil and a towel and we took off to Fort Collins.  We arrived around 11:30 for the 4:00 game.  I sliced up the sausage and pulled the Jerk butt.  It was so tender, pulled apart with plastic forks.  The sausage was gone in about 5 minutes, everyone absolutely loved it.  Was very surprised.  I was able to make a sausage/pulled pork sammy, was awesome!  The Jerk butt was good, the bark was the best part.  I am a wet sauce guy, and I totally forgot to bring it and the person we told to pick up some (Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy) never showed up.  That said no one, including myself missed or needed sauce.  The meat was so good, and the mixture of the cherry and mesquite was perfect.  A nice smoke flavor but not overpowering at all. 

pulled jerk 2.jpg

Pulled Jerk

jerk and sausage.jpg


so I left to go walk around and talk to other friends, and came back about an hour later.  All the Jerk butt was gone so I got the bigger, dry rub butt out.  It wasn't quite as easy to pull, I think because it had a lot more fat to it.  The meat was not as tender, but it had a better flavor to it.  I think the dry rub really brought out the natural flavors of the meat, along with the high fat content, compared to the Jerk sauce which might have masked it a little.  But both were great and by the end of the night all the meat was gone.  All in all a great day.

pulled dry.jpg

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Looks delicious!


Great job!

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Congrats on a great smoke!!

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Thanks to everyone for all the great advice!
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Looks fantastic!!  Those Cavanaugh spicy sausages are so money on the smoker aren't they?  I did them for the first time two years a go at Easter, and they were gone in about five minutes with twenty people.


Congrats on the success!  PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Rowdy, yes they are.  I have grilled them before, and love them.  First time actually smoking these.  Will probably throw some on every time I smoke.  So good!

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