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It sure looks good Nick!


I guess I'll have to give the hot & fast method a try & see what it's all about.


Thanks for experimenting for us!

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I'm one of those that likes low n' slow , not only for the (IMHO) flavor,but it seems to be tenderer at low temps.


I usually have someone visiting when I do a long smoke and the hot n' fast method cuts down on the BS time you have with your friendsbiggrin.gif. I also like my Brisket to have a little tug to it, not fall apart .


final shots of Brisket 005.JPG


I know how my Brisket is going to turn out , so why beat a dead horseBeating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif; if it ain't broke don't fix it.........

have fun and...

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It was a time issue for me, I don't have 12+ hours to babysit a pit. 2 lil ones at home keeping me busy. I've never made a great brisket low n slow, with that said, this one turned out better than average for me.

I'm still trying to get brisket figured out, been struggling with it for a while now.

-Nick via Tapatalk
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IMO once you go fast, you don't go back!  I can cook a 17 lbs brisket in 5.5 -6 hours.  I run my horizontal at 275 - 300*  When the meat reaches 160* in the point I put it in a pan with 24 oz. of water and onion soup mix.  It spends the rest of the cooking time in the pan covered with foil.  They always come out amazingly tender and juicy!  Here is the proof.IMG_2149.JPGIMG_2157.JPG

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Only problem I see is that there is less beer drinking time!!  Glad you gave it try, I'll keep it in mind when I don't have all day to do a brisket.

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