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Hello from North Pole Alaska

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just starting to get into smoking, borrowed a friends 18" smoke vault and been using it every weekend for the past month! I'm loving it, plan to continue thru the winter if I can keep the temps steady :) . Cooked 3 pork butts and loved them, bunch of chickens, going to to a brisket a week or so.



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Welcome and are you kidding ???? Man you should be able to do some real good cold smoking up there...The very best to you ..

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I hope so:) jumped full in to it with homemade BBQ sauce, rub and so far so good!



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welcome.   I hope the weather works out for you to smoke all winter long.

snow falling and smoke rolling from the cooker yum.

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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you here
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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Welcome, These folks on SMF are a plethora of great info.  North Pole, Really? Just checked my FB account and had a message from one of your neighbors, her husband deployed to the sandbox....sounds like a great place to live!

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Welcome to your new Addiction.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!! Yea Sound1 were between to base one Army and one Air Force. I work on the Air Force base :)




Some pics of the past couple weekends:




Pork Butt


Couple of chickens


Chicken thighs


Pork butt 2



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