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pork ribs - fall off the bone or leave it with a bite to it? - Page 2

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I like a bit of a bite, but the wife wants fall off the bone. Actually I can eat either.

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Bigfish,I am on the 'Bit o' Tug soapbox.Now, I do not use the 3-2-1 method and get nice Ribs.I use only Spares and I leave them in my smoke chamber for at least 5 hrs.(at 225*f) with no peeking at them,they're not going anywhere,so why lookconfused.gif.They are in an envionment of TBS,Pressure and Moisture that I refuse to disturb until my check time.


That's just my way and it works for me :




I do not wrap them in foil(witch is basically Broiling them), and  do the bend test then,if satisfied, I wrap loosely so they won't steam ,  and rest in a Pizza delivery pouch(warmed over the smoke chamber , it works great) , then after a nice 30min. to an hour rest, they are devoured.


Stan    aka    oldschool


have fun and..........





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I normally like my meat, whether it's steaks or ribs, with a little tug or firmness to them. But when I smoked my first FOTB ribs, oh my!..I think my opinion has changed some when it comes to ribs. first.gif


And welcome by the way.

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Thats the perfect answer  Al .

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I agree Al's answer, and Padron's answer are the way to go. What ever the family requests. lol

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You would be surprised how many judges like the FOTB.

 Just my 2¢

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 3-2-1 is the bomb and easily adjustable to get the FOTB or bite that you want. Heck of a lot better than when my wife use to parboil them.


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I like some tug

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I "Q" them... fall off the bone , that's the way everyone I know likes them, however I prefer a little tug.


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Originally Posted by bigfish98 View Post

Thanks for the welcome! I never understood why fotb ribs can't win competitions. With as many people as I know that like fotb ribs, you would think judging would be the same way. Also nice to see people up north doing good bbq! I recently moved from MO to ND and am feeling a lack of fellow smokers.

Could be that when you tug at the meat you are getting just meat and the texture is more meat like, if that makes sense.

If you have fall off the bone ribs, then you are getting everything but the bone.

I hate eating ribs that  are"Q'ed" fall off the bone and are trimmed poorly.

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What is the 3-2-1 method?
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3-2-1 method is where you put the ribs in your smoker for 3 hours. After 3 hrs you take them out and put them in a double layer of foil with a little apple juice. After 2 hours in the smoker foiled you take them out of the foil and if desired, you put your favorite sauce on them. Then the ribs go back in the smoker for another hour out of the foil. At the end of this process you'll have fall off the bone ribs.

You can adjust the times if you want to have ribs that still have a little tug but come off the bone clean.

Personally I like ribs both ways, fall off the bone and those that still have a little tug. As long as they have that good smoke flavor I'm easy to please.

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Thanks for the help! I might just try that this weekend.
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Good luck & don't forget the Q-view!

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