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New build, one question

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I am building a patio RF smoker from 16in pipe.

How far from the RF plate should the cooking grate be placed?

I am looking at about 3in between the RF plate and grate.

Is this to close?


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How hi is your RF plate from the bottom of the smoker.




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I like your drawing. I tried to draw what I am looking to build but gave up, computers:>(

so here goes: center fire box with 8in hole in center of smoker RF plate 4in above bottom. cooking grate 3in above RF plate.

stack centered in smoker just above grate. the pit calc calls for 32sq in.  hole between fire box and smoke chamber.

4in equals 26sq in but I thought this would be ok because smoke is moving in both directions around the RF plate so that would equal 52sq in.

let me know what you thank?!!

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What he said

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I am not sure but 3" seems tight


When you add the grates, make sure they slide or are removable, with a 16" diameter your gonna have roughly 8" headspace.


Here's mine with the grate slid over to do a 12lb turkey



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That a great idea!


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that's an amazing looking turkey

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In smokers 36 inches in length or less we go a minimum of 4 inches, and prefer to go 5.   At three inches you will have some issue's with having too high of a radiant heat from that plate on the firebox end.  You can offset that a little by going with a thicker RF plate.  1/4 inch plate will help a little.  I will put this in a little bit of perspective.  At 4 inches we can grill chicken on the firebox side of the smoker while running at 230°.  This is using 3/16 steel for the RF plate.

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After a lot of reading of post of what other have done I have decided not to build a reverse flow smoker:>(

From what I have read the 16 inch pipe seems to small for an RF smoker.

All hope is not lost I plan to build a modified horizontal side firebox smoker.

The RF smoker may come later.

I will take lots of pics and keep you all updated.

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