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Big Pig Jig

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I was wondering if anyone is going to the Big Pig Jig in Vienna, Ga.  My brother-in-law and I are headed down Friday/Saturday.  Q, Rigs, Brew, mmmmm. 

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No sorry too far

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Sounds like fun!

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That would be fun to go to. I wonder what they do with all the meat they smoke. I saw it on BBQ pitmasters once and it looked like there were hundreds of competitors! I'd say if you were able to attend and were not too far away it would be worth it, providing the weather was decent! Heck it might even be worth going even if you had to fly there, especially if you wanted to learn how all those competitors do it!

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Anyone know where to get really good ribs in the Vienna or Cordele area ?

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I will be there from Thursday till Sunday. Cant wait, gonna be a blast !


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isnt that Myron Mixon's hometown?

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