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Sunday Football Beer Can Chickens (Q VIEW)

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So, Sunday Football is like a holiday in my family.  My Brother In Law and I decided to host it down the shore this week, and we did twin Beer Can Chickens.  We took a lot of advice from the forum, and they turned out great!


I brined the chickens overnight with water, onion powder, garlic powder, brown sugar, salt, and a lil Jeff's rub.


Then I pat them dry, put them on the cans and rubbed EVOO on them and spread some Jeff's all over. 


I injected them with a mix of melted butter, apple juice, and Jeff's Rub, & corked them with a small onion.


Chicken 2.jpgChicken.jpg





I have MES40, but since we were down the shore, we used my brother in laws charcoal smoker.  (Hickory Chunks)


Tried to keep the temp around 260-300.  Took just under 3 hours to get the birds to 160-165 internally. 


1 hour before they were done, I basted one of the birds with a homemade BBQ sauce.  (about 3x in that last hour.)

Chicken 3.jpg





They were super juicy!  BBQ bird was a lil bit better.

Chicken 4.jpgChicken 5.jpg





Hope you enjoy!


Chicken 6.jpgChicken 7.jpg





We also made some ATBs, my brother in law likes to make half really hot, and half mild... It's pot luck for anyone who wants to eat never know which one you'll get!!


Homemade Mac & Cheese too!  I think we perfected it, so we will post it next time we make it!





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Looks delicious!


Great job!

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thumb 4.jpg

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good job..sounds like a fine afternoon to me

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Wow do they look tasty!   Did you and your brother in law get it on with the "beef injector" first?

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It looks Delicious  points.gif

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SQWIB, that pic is hilarious!

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Wow Pittman, them chickens look great. 



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Looks awesome, I have done the beer can thing on a kettle, I cant wait to try in the MES

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I actually work w/ the Bro-In-Law.  He is a very skilled Pork Smoker.  I have been lucky enough to experience his skills.  Keep up the GOOD WORK BOYS!!!.. I'll see you next Sunday

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Looks good Pittman. I'm going to have to try my luck at beer can chicken. Looks delicious.

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Yea beer can chicken

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Very nice !!!

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