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On a recent trip to New York City we stopped into a small place with maybe 5 seats and ate a sandwiches that ws out of this world. They had a hunk of meat that they called a porchetta and it is as follows:

First I cured a pork bellie (small chunk) and then seasined it with some herbs from the garden. Basil, Rosemary, Oragamo, and some garlic gloves. This was all done and then smoked to perfection.


p1.jpgThis was all sliced and eaten for dinner and dinner, and dinner...........

Thanks, Mark


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wow looks yummy

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Looks good Mark. Did you cure the belly like you would bacon?

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Yes I did Joel. This thread somehow got posted twice.

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Curing the Belly is an interesting Twist on the Classic...JJ

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Now my comment got posted twice too, Mark:

The other thread has a picture of it sliced too.





I heard of it, but never had it.


I can easily tell by seeing the one you made that it would surely be on it's way to the top of my favorites list, in a hurry !!!



Thanks for the Great Views!



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