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Ribs take 2! w/QView

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Yeah, you know I'm addicted when I start ribs after I get home at 5:30. They should be done around 11:30, looking great so far after 2.5 hours. Learned a few things from my first ribs this last Saturday, added more hickory than apple to get a stronger smokey flavor. I had a great smoke ring, but wasn't a strong smokey flavor. It had a slight hint of smokiness despite the nice smoke ring, I assumed it was because more apple than Hickory. Also this time kept temps between 250 and 270, it just didn't seem like I had enough cooking temp or time in it last time.


Still had some tug to it, tasted great but I was hoping for fall off the bone tenderness. Here's how she looks so far 2.5 hours in.


DSC_4583 (Small).JPG


My set up for smoking. A nice $16 Wal-mart wireless thermo, that I use to keep an eye on the smoker temps so I know when to come out and stoke the fire or add more briqs.


DSC_4584 (Small).JPG


2.5 hours in, forming a nice bark and oh my gosh look at those juices on top. Got some pullback starting on the big section. Yummm!!


I'll post the after pics in the morning or sometime tomorrow night, since this will be a late nighter. lol. Foiling in 30 then on for 2 more hours.




Here are the ribs pulled after 3 hours ready for foiling. To quote George Foreman - "LOOK at the LINES! LOOK at the LINES."  =D


DSC_4587 (Small).JPG

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Looks good so far.
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There you go !!!!

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Looks like a great start!


How'd they turn out?

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looks even better than the last onesdrool.gif


great job

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Looks like a great start!


How'd they turn out?

They turned out fantastic! My goal was to be able to smoke ribs to the point where I'd never step into another Jim 'n Nicks, which are the best ribs I've had in this area, and last night I achieved that goal. I'm sure it'll get even better with every attempt, I've already got the in-laws salivating and asking me to smoke a rack for when they come visit in a couple of weeks. lol


Last night they were fall of the bone! I've got pics of me grabbing a bone, twisting it and it sliding out with ease. So beautiful, it was 11:00 PM by the time I got done but I just had to taste it before going to bed. It was delicious, moist and juicy and flavorful. I got a good smokey flavor too, without it being too overpowering.


I love these forums, learned a lot from you guys that have been doing it for years. Thanks all!


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It looks great well done

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Good god man don't tease us!!!

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LOL, I'll post the finished product pics when I get home Terry. I brought some in for lunch today. Warmed them up in the microwave, and walking to the microwave and back I had everyone popping up their heads. They were all like who's eating bbq, I told them it was the ribs I smoked last night they were all salivating.


I showed them how tender they were, and some people even threatened me with bodily harm if I don't bring some in for them too. So tomorrow I'm bringing in a portion of it to warm up and share with everyone...looks like it's time to buy more ribs while they're on sale. LOL


I got just the right level of smoke, you can smell it as I opened the container but it wasn't heavy at all on taste. Just perfect! I'm finding that I like the flavor of my rub with this batch more than the last. I don't think I had the heat high enough in my first attempt to dissolve the sugar and salt in the rub, and gel all the flavors together. I used a rub from a post I found here, I'll give credit once I figure it out.

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Here are the final pics. Of the bones that have fallen off as it came out of the foiled pan. As well as me grabbing a bone, twisting it, and then pulling. Fall off the bone tender.


DSC_4588 (Small).JPG

DSC_4590 (Small).JPG

DSC_4591 (Small).JPG

DSC_4592 (Small).JPG

DSC_4593 (Small).JPG









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drool.gifLooks GREAT!!!

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nice job drool.gif

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Thanks all. Took them to work today to share with co-workers, since I've been eating ribs for the last 5 days. LOL, that's what happens when you smoke 2 ribs with in 4 days I guess. So the results were great, everyone loved them.

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Looks good but I like alittle more tug to my ribs


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Looks delicious!!


BBQ joints will never be the same...




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You know you did a dang good job when people who are reading your post have to get a paper towel to get the saliva off their keyboard!

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thumb 4.jpg

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Awesome Dude!



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