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That is some great looking rabbit.....Thanks for the post!!!!

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looks great.. Nice job

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Planning on smoking some rabbits when I get my new master built 40 inch electric smoker
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Really exciting! That looks just delicious and it is fun to see smoked rabbit! Fantastic stuff! Cheers! - Leah

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Like Bear, I ate a lot of rabbit when I was a kid. …and squirrel.  My uncle Clyde would take me hunting. I'd use Aunt Kate's .410. If we shot squirrel I'd have to wait to eat it the next day for breakfast with scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy.  

But if we were lucky enough to shoot a couple of cotton tails then we got to eat them for dinner that Night! No waiting!

This post brings back some great memories. Thanks for sharing.


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Just finished up rabbit season here in western PA, got me 3 rabbits the last day with a new .410. Shot pretty good. So guess what ill be doing with all these rabbits!

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YAY!!! It's smoke time for you and your rabbits!!! I am excited to see it!! Delicious!!!!! Cheers!!!!! - Leah

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Good to see you, Jason!!!


Every time somebody asks about Rabbit, I send them to your thread!!!


Do you have a count for the whole Season?




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I don't have a count. We brought another friend along with us a couple times this year and he took his rabbits. And I didn't make it out as much as I would have liked due to the fact that my wife was pregnant and we had our second son 2 weeks ago.


I don't know if ill be getting around to smoking these real soon, but you know I'll post some good pics when I do!

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Those really do inspire me to get out the old single shot and put on the field boots. Nice way to clean out the freezer....
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I love rabbit, used to have an old man down the road when I was a wee little one he raised rabbit dogs and occasionally take me with him hunting, rabbits, coons, squirrels, it didn't matter. He used to make a rabbit sausage. His wife had some German in her. These sausages were similar to a brat. only extremely tender like a veal brat. I wonder. Anyone ever hear of rabbit sausage? It would be fun to try and make.

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No but I have some rabbits in the feezer might have try that though
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Originally Posted by TreyM64 View Post

No but I have some rabbits in the feezer might have try that though


Oh no, those Aggie jack rabbits are only good for tamales...... LOL   J/K

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I get a few rabbits every season I have breaded and pan fried then into the oven Ina covered dish for close to 2hrs at 220 also have made braised rabbits with morels in a wine sauce and have brined then BBQ. I will have to try and smoke some now drool.gif
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Just put some rabbits in my Smoker " Easter Bunnies" and used your recipe so looking forward to a treat tonite. Will let you know how it goes :icon_lol: Caught a nice couple of eels too and they have come out and look and taste beautiful

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Man, I just love rabbit.  Haven't had it for years..  My 2 labs like rabbits too--chasing them.  LOL.  So have one for me


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Finished it this afternoon very tasty little morsels :)   Thanks for the recipe

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Yum! Rabbit & Eel!!! Both tremendous! Great Job!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Thanks Leah - check out the pics on Roll Call :)

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I am so glad I found this!!  We just put about 40lbs of rabbit in the freezer and now I know how I will make some of them when I finish with my smoker build.... Mine are wild... we raise them for the meat.... have 2 does getting ready to kid any day now.... and a friend just gave me 2 Flemish Giant babies.... cant wait for those big babies! 

I wondered how rabbit would be smoked and anything wrapped in bacon has got to be great!!  Can't wait!!!

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