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Bark looks great!  Good job. 

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Nice butt

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Beautiful Job Flipper!!!


Nice BearViews too!!


And Awesome Cupcakes the little woman made !!!!

Tell her Bear said they're Absolutely Perfect !!!!




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1st rule of smoking, ALLWAYS DO EXTRA!!!

 Most smoked meats are better after they have been frozen for a while. If you smoke and pull a couple a extra butts . vac seal it and freeze it in weighed portions . That way you can thaw out as much as you need to serve your guest.

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Thanks again for all the great comments, makes a newbie feel good.  Question is I may,as I stated there was none left and I hardly got a taste, so I want to do two next go around. 


Few questions:


Im in CT so temps are dropping fast, even had some issues with this butt but it worked out.  I have ordered some magnets and welding blankets, do you think I will be able to smoke in dead of winter with the blanket?  Nothing like a nice warm PP sandwhich to chear up a grump cold guy.


Also seeing I have the brinkman red electric bullet, do you all notice much difference in taste or texture from the lower rack compared to the upper rack?  I know temps run different butt taste/texture?


BTW, wife appreciates the comments on the cupcakes, she can make dreams come true with her cakes, best is the smores, a choc cup cake filled with melted choc, peices of gram cracker, and then cover with melted marshmellows then toasted with the torch, LOOKS and TASTE great..........


shes my wife, so unfortunetly I have to love her but she does a good job!!!

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Any insulating blanket should make smoking in winter fine.  Maybe go one step further and build a 3 sided enclosure to keep he wind down and aid in keeping your temps constant. Just a thoght.


I had a Red Bullet for quite a while and I never noticed any flavor differences in the top or bottom rack.  I wasn't really paying attention either icon_confused.gif  The only things that could affect flavor are 1. Is what's on top dripping onto whats on the bottom?  2. Bottom rack is closer to the smoke so you might get a slightly heavier smoke flavor?  Just some thoughts. 


If your wife can make cakes like that AND she loves your Q then she is a keepr for sure!!!



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