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Artichoke-Spinach Chicken, Thai Chicken Sausage and Muebe's Nuggets

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This weekend was a sausage weekend for me, I ground and mixed 5 pounds SOB's Artichoke-Spinach Chicken Sausage last night and left it in the fridge overnight for the spices to meld.


After that I ground and mixed Couger's Thai Chicken Sausage and into the fridge too.


By the time I had finished washing all of the dishes it was 1:30, I remember in Couger's post he commented on how good it smelled when he was mixing and must agree, it smelled good, so good I took the bowl of sausage out of the fridge and made a "test" pattie, ...WOW, this sausage is very good!


I was called in to work this morning so my burger pattie making went on hold, ...came home for lunch and fried up a couple of Artichoke-Spinach patties for burgers.


SOB used a commercial seasoning mix, I winged it with some salt. white pepper and fresh sage.


SOB Sausage 002.jpg



SOB Sausage 003.jpg



My lunch, ...bun recipe courtesy of Mrs. BMudd, we make a few and freeze 'em.


SOB Sausage 006.jpg



This sausage is so good all I used on the warm bun was butter, Thanks SOB, this will be a "regular" at our house from now on (next time I just might make the 25 pounds).


SOB Sausage 005.jpg





And then the camera batteries died, sorry 'bout that, but the Thai Chicken Sausage will become a regular also!






Last weekend I made some Muebe's Nuggets in the GOSM, they are very good too.


Muebe's Nuggets 002.jpg





There are too many good recipes on this site and not enough weekends.  LOL


Enjoy and thanks for looking,





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Looks great Gene.
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Looks great Gene.



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Gene, you never cease to amaze me!  That is some awesome looking food right there!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'd sure like a bite of that sammie!


Awesome job!

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Your sausage looks great! Sorry I wasnt around to help you out! looks like you replicated the sausage perfectly.

The witts seasoning is basicly just salt and pepper but it did not have any sage in it, but if it feels good on your tongue, go for it!

Glad you liked it!


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Doggone That Looks Good !!!!


A Sammy like that wouldn't have a chance around here!!!


Thank Gene!



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man it all looks sooo good!! drool.gif

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What a great idea and wonderful looking patties! That's what I love about this many different and new things to eat~all the time! Those buns look awesome Beautiful sandwich beds! Big thanks to Mrs BMudd!

Those nuggets...what can I say? Pretty much nothing...just drooling! Great pics and thanks for sharing!
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Thank you all for the kind words, looks like I'll be making larger batches soon, Mrs JPT really likes both of the sausage recipes, ...I don't think 10 pounds will last too long.


SOB, no problem bro, how was the fishing trip, ...I use sage in most everything now, my sage plant reminds me of "The Little House of Horror," so we are eating it instead of the other way around.


Sage plant 002.jpg



(If you look on the bottom right corner all of those tiny green leaves are the tomato seeds from the salsa we made, we'll be in tomato heaven in a couple of months)


Rivet, thanks for the kind words, glad to see you back.


The fence in disrepair belongs to the neighbor, it's 1 foot on our side of the property line, but I can't touch it, if I do I risk being sued in court and LOSING (French law is bizarre), I've offered to go in halves on the materials, but they're not interested.


Lord bless and everyone have a good day,



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great post.   great looking food.

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Yup it looks yummy thanks for sharing

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I run a Thai Chicken Sausage Bahn Mi

 at my Restaurant and it sells very well.

Take a French Roll ,Slather it with

Sriracha -Mayo Sauce

put thinly sliced cucumbers on bottm half.

Then Thai Chicken Sausage. Top with Pickled

Diakon and Carrot, Green Onion and Pepper of choice

ie; Habenero,Serrono, JalapenoeEtc

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