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Green or dry

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The chipping wood thread just brought to mind a question. I don't think I have seen anything here that answers my question.

I have been grilling for many years and the past 4 or 5 years I have gotten into smoking in my weber 22-1/2". I am a woodworker and have most of the popular domestic woods, and there are scraps. This wood is all kiln dried. I have also used green trimmings off my crab apple trees.

My real question here most of you use green wood to smoke with???? That just seems logical to me, because it smokes longer...........or at least seems to, to me.

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I'm not one of the experts you were hoping would respond, but since they didnt:

in my experience green wood gives more of a creosotey flavor, I only used seasoned wood.


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Here's a little reading I found with the handy dandy search tool!!


  Have fun!!



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Plj & Craig.........that is just the info I was looking for. And lucky for me, if green, they recomend a milder wood, like apple. I just so happen to have a couple of racks of spares on now........with "aged" crab apple wood.

Anyway........I will not attempt green wood.

Thanks for the info, and the link.


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