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Smoking Salmon (newbie post)

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Hi all,  we are new to cold smoking and Hubby has just built a small chamber with two racks, and  using the Cold Smoke Generator from ProQ..  We have smoked a few things so far,Whole Chicken, Pork, white fish, home cured bacon, and home made sausages,  all good flavour so we are really happy with it.


Yesterday we smoked a tail end of salmon with a London Cure of salt and sugar (3 hrs) then smoking for about 7 hrs with Oak dust.  

Looking forward to preparing for Christmas and we wondered if we want to buy before it is best to buy ,freeze,  then smoke,  or buy,  smoke and freeze.  


Look forward to receiving your advice,  Thanks

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I answered this in your other post.



I've done it both ways, and I prefer to smoke it then freeze it in individual servings.


Especially if you have a foodsaver.

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Thank You,  from a cold but sunny Brittany, France.

ps I take it a foodsaver is a vac packer ?  please excuse our ignorance.

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