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You're gonna do great!  Enjoy the compliments on a job well done!  Take a deep breath and then listen to the applause.  Best of luck on the rain.



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Wish I had seen this sooner as Id have given you some advice on portion control. Used to cater a lot of events back when i had my own restaurant. Lot of fried chicken. The portion sizes you were given are about right for the size of the group. I always opted for about 15% more meat and then roughly 10% on sides. some people just eat more than others so unless you have a group there serving it and controlling portions those numbers tend to work the best.

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Hang in there! Rain can try to put the screws to your smoker, but if you can shelter it from getting wet, and keep it out of the wind, you'll have no problems.


Trust your instincts if something comes up (or, trys to go down) during the smoke...you'll know what to do...my gut feelings haven't failed me yet.


Good luck, and have a great party!!!




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Good luck Tom.
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It’s been a lone day; it couldn't have been much worse for the weather. It rain for the time I setup to the time I was breaking down, it wasn't a down pore, just steady rain. The wind was blowing so hard it blow the flame out on the turkey fryer. I had a hard time getting the temp as high as I wanted, but I made due. To put it in one just a few words, THE WEATHER SUCK!!!, but the food came out GREAT!!!! lol Most of the comments were awesome, fabulous, unbelievable and you need to start your on business.


More pics to come tomorrow.

2011-10-31 09.53.33.jpg

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Sorry for the weather but congrats on the great comments.



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Great to hear that it turned out good. Cant wait to see the results.
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Don't you love it when a plan comes together? And you always learn more when faced with a little adversity...JJ

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I have to say my plan worked. The plan was to pre-cook the pork and reheat it on site, start cooking the chicken early and keep the chicken that I have cooked hot so I would have the time to cook the rest of it before the time to serve.



59 pounds of Butts 318.jpg


2011-10-23 18.44.19.jpg


Ready to do battle, you can see how wet I was by looking at my jeans

Chad-I-ready for battle.jpg


First load ready to come off.



Warming Oven worked out great keeping chicken hot, and the turkey fryer did the trick heating the pulled pork all I need to do was open the bag and fill the serving contaners. The pork was hot and as juicie as if I just pulled it.



Time to chow down.

The Line.jpg


Serving table.jpg


More Chicken is no the way.






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Looks like you have great food and very happy diners.

Great Job yahoo.gif
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Congrats on a job well done yahoo.gif



  Looks like a room full of happy stomachs  biggrin.gif



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Nice, Tom! You gave mother nature a run for her money, instead of the other way around!


Good success story...glad to hear it all came together, and looks like the crew had a fine dinner.




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Wow, looks like it all came out great! Good job!

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Congrats man.  Nice job.  Sorry the weather didn't cooperate, but you still pulled it off.  first.gif

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Great job. Especially with the idea of the precooking the PP.


I love cooking up about 15 to 20 lbs and then sealing it and freezing it.


Then just put it in boiling water till hot and open and serve. Best idea yet. lol





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Great job on the meal ..  looks great

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Superior job!  No frowns on anyone.  Good job under trying conditions.



I like the idea about pre-cooking the PP, I'll have to try that.Thanks Mike! (ptcruiserguy)

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Great job sir! Way to take on mother nature and still get the job done. drool.gifI'm betting you'll be called on to do more of this sorta thing.

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Awesonme job Tom. Like Cheryl said - they will be coming back for more of this

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Awesonme job Tom. Like Cheryl said - they will be coming back for more of this


Three days later and I am still getting e-mails like this from the Associate Vice President Executive Assistant :


Hello Tom,


Again, your BBQ was amazing! I will be spreading the word. Anyway, back to business instead of tummy amazement, ....

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