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Originally Posted by Deatony View Post

What glue should I use?

They make "food grade" high temp. RTV. It can be hard to find though.


I just used regular Permatex high temp. RTV to seal the chimney and all the holes to include sealing the rope gasket to the doors. If you are careful and use very little it is fine. If you look at the design of the doors, it will make sense and is not dangerous in any way. The way I sealed mine up, there is no RTV visible anywhere inside the smoker. A tiny bit of that stuff goes a long way!


The stuff that comes in those kits does not stick to the paint on the smoker doors and it will wind up making your gaskets hard. That stuff also does not hold the gasket "in place" like RTV can. So, as soon as you get the gasket in position, it will slide off. If you decide to use it, you will see what I mean.

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It is common on the temp gages that come with smokers are not very accurate. Also you have to factor in the outside temp. If its cold out the temp wont be as warm as it would be on a warm summers day. I would suggest using some reflective insulation that you can  buy at most hardware stores. Or a smoker blanket. I have even herd of people using welding blankets. I am in the same boat as you. I think im goin to try the reflective insulation for my smoker. I hope this helped give you a few ideas.    Good luck     

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I couldn't figure out why my flame wouldn't get higher/hotter until I read your post.  The trick of lighting on low and bringing up the gas slowly on both the propane tank and the Master Forge worked perfectly.  I have three racks of ribs in there that are supposed to be for lunch today with all the kids coming over and I would have had to order pizza at the rate they were cooking.  Now I have a fighting chance for getting them done in time.

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