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Applewood Honey Smoked Turkey on WSM Q-View and Video soonw

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Hi BBQ Brothers,


I just finished off this turkey on my Weber Smokey Mountain.  I rubbed with salt, black pepper, poultry seasoning and butter.  I cooked with charcoal, applewood, slow and low for 6 hours.  At the 3 hour mark I put it in the drip pan with the drippings basted with honey butter and covered it up with foil.  Pulled it out and glazed it with honey butter, rest and carve.  Delicious!  My wife made some amazing gravy with the drippings and we feasted away.  I'll load a video of me carving it later today.  Thanks for looking.





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Man that is one good looking turkey Shawn!


The color is awesome!


Can't wait to see you cut into it!

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drool.gifdrool.gifdrool.gifdrool.gifkewl.gif looks great

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Very nice! So did your brine it?

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Great looking turkey;  Love the color!

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nice looking turkey.....if I remember correctly you guys do a lotta them...looks like you're perfected the process

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No brine this time.  I have in the past brined and I have had good success recently with a self basting bird, no brining seems necessary.  They come out very tender.

I do however put them in a roasting pan and cover at a little past the half way point.  Keeps 'em moist but you don't lose that nice color.

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I finally got around to posting my video of me carving :)

I'm smoking a brisket and ribs right now and watching my beloved but non-winning Broncos.  I'll post the results tomorrow.

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I to am a dark meat person, and it looked fantastic. What did you have with it?

I could have just ate the wings and thighs and that would have been a meal for me.

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That's one real nice turkey you made there. Didn't see the video cause I live in the stone-age with dialup, but the pic was awesome. Love turkey all the time and yours looked fantastically tasty! Congratulations !
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Nice Gobbler with amazing color! Family tradition to do a bird on the grill here. I never foil or place in pan. This year, I think I'm going to bite your style. 

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Looks really delicious Shawn!


When you first cut into it it looks like you hit a big pocket of butter where you injected it.


Looks very juicy!


Great job!

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That was a great lookin bird Shawn!!


I need to do one soon to test it out. I am supposed to do 2 for Thanksgiving this year.

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Looks beautiful, going to have to check out that vid. I've only done breasts so far. Plan on smoking a whole one for Thanksgiving though. I'm sure I'll find a lot of helpful info here to make sure it comes out right. Thanks for the post.

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Looks great !

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Here is the style of turkey I'm doing for Thanksgiving.  Can't wait!

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Nice looking bird Colorado.


I am about to do the same thing on my WSM and have a couple quick questions. Did you put it in a roasting pan (i.e. - out of the fluid) or in a standard pan (in the fluid)? Also, after tenting, do you continue to baste or just one basting and tent? Also, does it get crispy skin?


My "standard" process for poultry is to let it ride nekkid and uncovered for the entire trip but I'm up for something different.

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Looks awesome!

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Man that bird came out nice. Great job 

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