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One Butt vs Two

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Quick question: I normally allow for 1.5 hours per lb when smoke boston butts for pulled pork. I have never done two at the same time. Tomorrow I am doing two at the same time. They are both 10lbs. Do I still count on 1.5 for about 15 hours? Do I add any time for the second butt? I'm trying to time this so they are ready for a dinner party.



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You cook them the same way you would cook one - but around here we go by internal meat temp. instead of by time. I have had as much as 3 hrs. differance between two near identical butts cooked at the same time. Each piece of meat can be differant, so you have to check the internal temp. and pull it when the temp. says you are done vs. when the clock says you are done.

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Sorry I was didn't explain fully. Yes, I take them to 195-200. I just try to guage done time. Though, I'd rather them be done early than late. If they are done early, I throw them in a cooler wrapped in foil and they stay hot for hours.

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X2 on what Johnny said.  Same time for two as one, just a bit more fuel involved.  Times don't matter.  Internal temp does.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Don't forget the Q-view!

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