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First pork butt - starting tomorrow

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OK so tomorrow morning I am going to smoke my first butt 6.7lbs.  Been ready thread after thread and I am quite confident that I know what I am doing but looking for any last minute advise, and or tips that a newbie may forget.


So going to do the mustard rub with brown sugar salt pepper paprika garlic onion and some Cayenne pepper, rub will be applied this afternoon and ill hit the smoker roughly 6 am tomorrow.


Using the "red bullet" with the hickory chunks.  I have learned to get the TBS by using one chunk at a time which the will last about 2 hours each.  Temp hovers right about 220 230 and being electric I should be able to hold that exact temp the entire time. 


So looking for last minute advise, tips, things to watch out for so on so forth.....  I will post pics as I go along


And of course I will be on the look for 140° in no more than 4 hours.


Thanks again!! Glad I found this site.

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Since your not injecting it.


If you don't put a temp probe in it until it's been in the smoker for 3 or 4 hours you don't have to worry


about the 40-140 rule. Actually the new guidelines are 41-135 in 4 hours if you puncture the meat in any


way. Good luck!

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Well that's good to know, that rule only applies of I break the skin?

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That's correct, if you puncture the outer layer of meat you take the bacteria from the surface to the inside of the meat, then the inside must be heated to 135 to kill the bacteria. If the meat is intact then only the outer 1/2" needs to get to 135, which will easily happen cooking at 225. That's why a lot of guys won't inject briskets or butts, and do not put the temp probe in until it's been smoking 3 or 4 hours.

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Good luck and don't forget the Q-views

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Best advice that i can give u is;
Sit back and relax and enjoy a nice cold one.
Your neighbors will want to be your best friend
When they smell what your smoking.
It might take 8 hours or 16 hours .
So when wife ask "how much longer"
Tell her "its done when its done "
Good luck and I will be watching for the Q-view
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You have received good advice here.  Don't plan on 1 1/2 hours per pound and don't probe early.


It will be done when it is done, and it will be wonderful!


Keep plenty of beer and ice in one cooler and the other one dry to rest the meat.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sounds like yer ready to go...


Here's how I did my first butt.


Dont forget the finishing sauce..





Have fun!!




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Have fun...My first one like to have killed me...up all night and drank to much Beer but its been down hill since then...

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Sounds like you already have greaet advice!  good luck and don't forget the pictures!!!! 

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I agree with craig! You gotta check out soflague's finishing sauce! All I have to say is AMAZING!!!! It's a must when I do a pork butt!




Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

Sounds like yer ready to go...


Here's how I did my first butt.


Dont forget the finishing sauce..



Have fun!!





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X3 on SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. Even if you just put some on individual servings, in case some people dont like vinegar, at leats make some up.


Important! (at least in my opinion) I see alot of guys get nervous when the butt STALLS and they'll turn to the forum for instant advice. This is fine and it's what we're here for, but be prepared for your butt to stall. No need to freak out or think somethings wrong. A 2-5 hour stall is common and happens on your 1st butt as well as your 7th butt. It's gonna happen. Some guys will panic and crank the heat which isn't necessarily a "no-no" but I think most would advise you to just leave it at 225 and ride it out.


I do suggest you logging in prior to starting your smoke and post updates since it's your first one. There's almost always someone checking threads that will guide you and answer questions as you're going along.


Good Luck, embrace the stall and take lots of pics.

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