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Kansas City Babybacks - WSM (Q-view)

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Hey y'all! I'm doing several racks today while my parents are down here visiting from Pennsylvania. The smoker is heating up as we speak I should have my ribs on within the next 20 minutes. I will be uploading live shots as I go. Enjoy!


The WSM heatin' up!




Before foiling. Smelling great so far!!


Second Hour.jpg


Here we are after four hours, unwrapped and ready to go back on the rack. They are definitely tender. It was everything I could do not to peel the meat off the bones while picking it up, and the top rack ripped in half. These are going to be good!




Right off the smoker!




The final results!!




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Sounds to me like a couple more Pennsy folks are gonna be eating real good!!!!


Fill 'em up, Onoku!!!




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Looking forward to the live shots !!!!!

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Looking forward to the live view!110.gif

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Sorry, got occupied with a wood chunk flaring up and forgot to take a pre-smoked shot of the meat. I'll be sure to take a pic after the first two hours though. Also, I will just be editing the first post so that my pictures aren't all over the place. So be sure to check back even if there aren't any "new" posts!

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Will do!


Good luck!

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Q-view ?

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Updated Q-View in the OP ! A few minutes late on this one. The last hour is almost up. Another 25 minutes or so and I'll have the final results!

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Sorry about the delay. Those ribs ended up being great and we ate until we were about ready to pop. You know nap time always follows a good meal. See the OP for my finished product though!

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The ribs look fantastic!


Nice smoke ring!

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I agree with Al !!!


Very Nice---Worth the wait !!



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