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blackberry thighs

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tried a different flavor for the thighs this week

took a blackberry yogurt and marinaded four thighs for one day

onto the smoker for  two hours

added some blueberry jam for glaze smoked for about half an hour


one yogurt and four thighs


bama 004.jpg


getting the jam to settle in


bama 021.jpg


hot off the GOSM


bama 023.jpg


ready for eating


bama 024.jpg


heres a sliced view


bama 026.jpg



thanks for looking


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Wow, they look great!  I will have to try that.  I am always looking for new twists.


I love Costco chicken for quickie Q's and tests.  It is pre-brined for convenience.  biggrin.gif

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those look awesome!!  What about a sliced shot of mr fatty!!

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drool.gifLooks fine as frogs hair!

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We have a lot of blueberries and blackberries on the property and I have been using low sugar syrups as a mop.  Great flavor, a nice touch of sweet. 


Your chicken looks great

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Looks delicious Rick!



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WOW That looks amazing

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Looks Awesome, Rick!!!!


Great BearView Too!!!!





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Well done my friend


thumb 4.jpg

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Wow it looks yummy drool.gif

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nice job. it looks great

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