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Problems with my First sausage.

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Hi All, Hope someone can help me out.


I made my own smoker, and it seems can only produce a temperature of 150*F no matter how I tried, I can't seem to raise it. Anyway, for now I can live with it, but my question is, after I smoke the sausage for three hours, can anyone recommend how to cook the sausages after? (besides using the oven?)


Sausages after three hours smoke @ 150*F.



Here is my smoker/rotisserie. not completely finishes yet. (missing lock). Pic taken when lump coal just started to burn with some apple wood chunks.



Thanks in Advance!

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I answered this in your other thread. Just boil them to an IT of 155.


Yes he used cure #1 in them.

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You need a bigger firebox.  You can put the sausage in beans, a casserole, grill them or like Al said boil them in beer.

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    How is the air flow... Can you a bigger air intake? As far as sausage cooking goes... x3 on the boiling or I also like to grill them on the gas grill or throw them on the cast iron with some onions and peppers.... Nice work on the smoker as well as the sausages... Mmmmm! I'm Hungry now... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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Smokin K,


Thank you! the airflow is great, actually I have several holes I can open if I slide their cover. During the trial period, I open them one by one to see how far can it go, It still can't raise the temp higher than 150*F. - Until I put some apple woods, when it did burn the temp goes up to 220*F, but produce so much smoke and only lasted for 10-mins or so, unless I keep adding wood(s). Not sure if so much smoke will do good, I stop and finish the sausage in the oven. I'll do more experimenting in the future.


Thanks SmokinAl, I'll do 155 then.

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What are you using for fuel. wood, charcoal, lump or a mix. If you are getting too much smoke when temps are up I would suggest to use charcoal and lump together and add a small chunk of soaked wood for some tbs. It doesnt take much wood to smoke. Usually the chunk of wood will produce smoke for about 45- 60 min. I start with a cold smoke for about 2 hrs until the sausage comes to ambient temp (WITH CURED SAUSAGE) then start at 150 degrees and bump it up 10 degrees every hr until it is 160. about 3-4 hrs depending on how much.. with a small amount your times will be less.......


you can also throw some kind of wool blanket over the barrel to insulate the drum a little ... they are not good for heat retention.... be careful not to catch the blanket on fire.........



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Nice build on you smoker !!!!!

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