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My first smoke! Whole chicken w/ Q View.

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So after months of reading all of the smoking posts from all of you good folks I finally got my smoker up and running. Smoking a turkey breast, and chicken breasts tonight. My first, actually second smoke, but I didn't get pics of my first so this is my forum first.


Here are some pics of my modded Brinkman ECB, and the chicken. I spatchcocked it to help speed up the cooking, mainly because it was so late in the night that I wanted dinner before 8 PM. Seasoned it with a dry rub I put together, and went out for a walk with the wife. Started the smoker an hour later, and got her up and going. Taking advice from a lot of the posts I've read it turned out great.


A few take aways for my next smoke:

1. Add more salt, was too easy on it. The skin tasted great, especially with the quick glaze I put together (honey, spicy mustard, brown sugar, olive oil), but after the skin the taste didn't penetrate too deeply.


2. Add more smoke, it had a faint hint of smoke. I didn't want to over do the smoke, but now I know a little more won't hurt. Here's my pics.


Thanks to everyone for their posts, really helpful info. I'm addicted, smoked every night since Sunday night. lol.


My modded smoker.


Here is my victim


After 1 hour


Cut up

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Whoa nice job!!

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 Looks pretty good !  Your right , this is very addictive I have yet to do Ribs BUT I smoke everything all the time !

Hopefully soon, I'll do the Ribs ....I just hate to waist good meat , and I LOVE Ribs .....but can't bear to ruin um istockphoto_15790860-bbq-surf-tiki.jpg

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Why are the legs on the smoker on the outside?

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Originally Posted by Vision View Post

Why are the legs on the smoker on the outside?

It's one of the ECB Mods. It allows you to list the body of the smoker off and add charcoal/wood without using the ultra-small door.


Here is one of the ECB mod guides:


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Yep Vision, Sierra answered it. I put the fire bowl on top of a stone deck footer, which has channels through it on the top so I can still draw air from the bottom where I drilled holes. Also makes it easier for ash to fall through. And when I need to put more coals in I can just lift the whole grill and easily get to it.


Thanks guys. The meat was so moist and tender. I smoked a turkey breast, and two chicken breasts tonight. I'll post the QView later. Like I said addicted, I smoked some tilapia Sunday night, this chicken Monday night, and tonight the turkey breast and chicken breasts.


Going to eat leftovers tomorrow night, and then smoke some ribs Saturday. Excited about that, hopefully it turns out as well as my poultry so far.

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Looks real good, nice & juicy!

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drool.gif looks great can't wait to see some morekewl.gif

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Nice job.


I also know how addictive smokin is.

I smoke almost everything I cook, gotta be careful though

cause sure enough one day, I will have a failure. 

Oh well, live and learn. It's all fun.


Happy Smokin'



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Very nice!!



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congrats on a nice smoke....maybe next time try rubbing some of that glaze under the skin as well

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Thanks all, for the suggestions too. I will put up my second smoke sometime tonight. Turkey breast, and chicken breasts. Had a turkey sandwhich last night, and for lunch today. =D


Got some ribs on sale at Kroger's yesterday, $1.97 a pound, I picked up 2 slabs. Thinking of going back for 2 more. lol. I'll have picks of those too.

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