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Can't Find a CX Recipe

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There's a famous recipe on this site for grilled chicken. I thought it was called Church's Chicken or Roadside Chicken. It's the marinade that you find at traveling roadside grill stands or church cookouts.

Can't find it anywhere. Can anybody help me out?

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I think you're referring to "Fireman's Chcken" that I posted a while ago, and properly known as "Cornell Chicken" invented at Cornell University with the introduction of a new breed of chicken, the "broiler" (vs. a fryer or a stewer") in the 1950's by Bob Baker, a professor there.

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Thanks Pops, that must be it. Did they really marinade the chicken for 3 days?

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Yes, but that was the fire department's method; here's the actual recipe from Cornell:


The fireman's recipe was modified; it's the only one I've ever used but experiment if you kindly would and let us know what and which you like better and why!   

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WOW that firemen recipe must be good  they all look happy!!!




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I can't wrap my head around having egg in the recipe...but will see what happens.

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That's what a fireman's field day chicken BBQ looks like! Yumm!

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