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2 Fatties On THe 18.5" UDS

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Two Fatties on the Drum



I wanted to cook up something for my grandma this past weekend so I decided to go w/ a fatty.

For the stuffing, I went w/ Green Chiles, Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Mushroom and Cheese.

I picked up a couple Poblano peppers and grilled them down & sweated the skin off.


Here’s the stuffing all mixed together. Cooked down each ingredient fresh


1/2 Jimmy Dean, and 1/2 Ground Pork. I’m not a big fan of the taste of breakfast sausage Photobucket

Used a Fattie piston my dad made


1 of the weaves


Wrapped up


Onto the 18.5” UDS. Sprinkled w/ a lil Mad Hunky The Good One Lump Charcoal, w/ Peach wood chunks Photobucket

An hour or so later


Pulled off smoker at 175 Internal.


Into Broiler for about 8 mins to get the bacon nice & crisp


Sliced up. My Grandma seemed to love it. She may have even preferred it better cold. Photobucket


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Thanks Werdwolf!

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Looks delicious!



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Man those look delicious! Nice weave too!!
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