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New MES "40

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I went to Sam's Club yesterday and $299.98 plus $29.85 for a 2 year warranty later, I have now added an MES40 to my line up of 4 smokers and 5 grills. Whooooooohooooooo! sausage.gifbanana_smiley.gifyahoo.gifnana2.gif


In the buggy 10-03-2011.jpg

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Congrats on the new toy, will be waiting to see it in action!

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I have been completely satisfied with my MES 30".  Enjoy!

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Yeee Haaa!

Another Masterbuilt leaves SAMS Club






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Awesome David !!!!


Now you're gonna get lazy, like me!!!




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