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Smoked Summer Sausage recipe

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When making smoked summer sausage is it necessary to use casings? I dont really want to spend 20 bucks on casings and the sausage not be any good. Ive seen some people say to form it in a roll, others say put it in a casing. Just wondering if i can go without one. Thanks

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First i am sure it will be a good summer sausage we got many recipe  for it .just follow the recipe.if you need help PM me 

you can do it with or with out .you can roll it in a net ,or you can roll it like fatties.

but i will spend the 20 bucks (that if you have a grinder and a stuffer)it will payout .

good luck

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I personally wouldn't do it without a casing. but that's just me. It should taste similar  without the casing, just not quite the same.


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u will have a lot moisture product if u use casings

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cant spell tonight


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Part of the fun of sausage making is the grinding & stuffing. Of course if you don't have a grinder or stuffer you


can still make sausage. The flavor should be similar.


Here's some pepperoni Nepas made without casing.

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