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lastly, i have pecan and hickory, which would you all lean toward?

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For me I found that soaking my wood chips by submerging them in water an hour before smoking was best and and keeping the chips in the water while waiting to put them in the smoker was best. I live in Vegas everything is extremely dry. So where you live may make a difference. At first I did not soak the wood chips and my chips were burning up to fast and producing way to much smoke. Smoker started huffing and puffing and I thought it was going to blow the door off. I proably got a little carried away with the amount of chips I used. It looked almost like a cartoon. So I pulled the plug on the machine let it cool down and removed the chips.  I then soaked the chips. For me soaking me was better. It may all might depend on where you live.  Ivie

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I have tried cherry, apple, mesquite and hickory wood chips.  I like the rich kind of bacony flavor.  YUUUMMMMM!!!!!

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10/8/11 First Smoke on MES 40


15 lb. Brisket from Hemp's Meats – marinaded 24-36 hrs – rub and wrap 24 hours

water pan with Leinenkugel's Octoberfest


start: 1:30pm @ 250* (215 ITB)


Hickory and Pecan mix chips

started using presoaked, ran into smoke issues, switched to dry


Outside conditions:


-77*, 34% RH @ 1:30pm (Meat Temp 56*)

-75*, 34% RH @ 5:30pm (MT 144*)



only issue im concerned with, obviously this is my first smoke with brisket, i read that it typically plateau's at 150ish, my IT is reading 154....sound right 4 1/2 hours in? box is reading 219-223...i dont want this thing going far faster than i believe it is supposed to...

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sorry forgot the most important part....q view :)



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12am, around 930 i flipped the brisket around because the thick end was eclipsing 160 and the flat was only 141...i suppose its that right side hot spot? i already put the ceramic tile fix inside...



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FINISH 6:30am, IT 195*





it is resting in the cooler in foil and blankets, more pics to come once sliced! it was a good night...

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I for got to put in my last post I prefer hickory.  Oldheizmers......

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Whaat time did you say dinner is being served?  LOL!!!!!  Looks wonderful!!!!  Proably even tastes better.

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It was a huge hit, very satisfied for my first time but I had done plenty of research to be prepared, both here and on google. Sorry no follow up slice pics, I was over families house for the football game. Anyway, my amznps came today, thank you todd!

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Wow it looks great it must be juicy and great bark well done

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That looks great my last 15lber took 23 hours...

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Yeah I anticipated a longer smoke, i dont know, setting the mes to 225 and then putting an oven thermometer and an second thermometer hanging inside it said it was only around 200 or 205, i had to set the mes to 250 to get the inner gauges reading 225....suggestions??

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