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Pork Loin 1st try

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Found a decent deal on a pork loin at sam's the other day and decided to try it. After looking up a few things and trying to get an idea on how to prep and cook it, we decided to just try our own method. I looked at alot of videos and decided that they all looked rather dry and that is not what I was wanting. We came up with the idea of injecting it.


1 Tbs garlic powder

1/2 tsp cheyene pepper

1 1/2 cups Apple juice


Brought that to a low boil and allowed to cool for a couple mins. Injected both pieces in about 8 places through out.

loin pics 147.jpgloin pics 148.jpg


Rubbed extra virgin olive oil all over both pieces and then applied our rub


loin pics 149.jpg


I read and read about the pellet smoker and realized that Todds comment about the biggest mistake is that ppl do not get it started correctly. So we waited awhile longer than we normally have been and sure enough it preformed wonderfully. Those are maple pellets in there.


loin pics 150.jpg


cooking at 250 with our little offeset grill providing smoke.


loin pics 151.jpg


Have NO idea what that purple is in the picture.


loin pics 152.jpg


Pulled it out at 175 IT, Foiled it and let it rest for about an hour. Ran to wally to help wife do some shopping real quick is the only reason we left them that long but seemed to work well.


loin pics 153.jpg


Finished product. Wonderful smoke flavor, was a bit tough and by a bit I mean wouldnt just fall apart when pulled easily. If someone could add to this and let me know would it have been more tender at say 165 IT than 175? Was VERY juicy though and tasted wonderful. This is something I am going to make again for sure. Had some BBQ beans that I made for the side that came out wonderful as well. No pics of it, wasnt thinking.



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Tailgate,got your PM. Came over to look at the loins, they looked fine, I myself would not have injected,but that's just me.biggrin.gif.


As for the tear apart thingy, don't worry, it was probably the meat,look real lean and could have been that aloneconfused.gif.


Looked very good and juicy, a little Apricot drizzle and great.(Apricots-canned- and some kind of liquid to thin)


You did a great job.Now do some more............

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Tailgate..  I brine my pork loins over night for that juiciness..  as far as pulling it apart I've never heard of doing it that way..  They do look pretty darn good tho If I do say so my self..   I only take em to 160..  next time try this one...


       Smoke with apple wood and then make this great sauce


Apple Cinnamon Sauce

Finely chop two large or three medium sweet apples (Fuji or Gala are great varieties for this) and place in a saucepan. Add one tablespoon sugar, one-half teaspoon each of cinnamon, paprika, salt and white pepper, and two tablespoons rice wine vinegar. Cover and bring to a boil over medium heat, then lower to a simmer. Cook gently until the apples are tender.


Slice the smoked pork loin and top with a spoonful of the sauce.

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In my loin thread from earlier today I accidentally went to 174F and thought it was too high for mine.  I like to take it off at about 165-168.  It wasn't as drippingly juicy as I usually end up with and was, as you describe yours, not falling apart.

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nice jobLooks-Great.gif

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I usually take them to no more than 150º internal and then wrap in foil for an hour. With the new USDA levels for temps and pork, why not. Always moist and tender.
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Oldschoolbbq Really appreciate you looking at it for me. I thought if it was tender enough should have just pulled in half or something when you grabbed it from both edges. It did tear apart but not as easily as I thought it should have. At least it wasnt like hamburgers I cooked once that nearly broke a window. th_crybaby2.gif



Thx JckDnls I am definitely going to have to try that.


Thx Teebob and Flash for the advice.

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Nice job

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I agree with Flash, 145 is done & much juicer at the lower temp.

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Just saw this one.


Looks Tasty Tailgate!!!


I would agree with Flash on this one. Since the USDA has changed their minimum finished temp for Pork from 160˚ to 145˚, I would take it to 150˚ and slice the finished product.

IMO---Pork Loin is much too lean to take to over 200˚, which would be for pulling apart.




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Thx Bear will keep the temp down next time and pull it sooner than we did. Going to have to make another trip to sams to see what they have as Im extremely curious as to the out come of changing those two steps.

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Nice job looks real good from here.

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