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Turkey time

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With the help of the boards I succesfully smoked my first turkey today Thanks

I used cherry, had her around 250 for 5 hours, got the breast to around 165, she rested for

45 mins before slicing...Turned out real juicy and delicious..




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Looks perfectly done, nice job!


Wish you would have cut into it, so we could see the inside.

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Wow, nice turkey..... gives me an idea.

I picked up on some turkey legs at Wally world a couple weeks ago.

I need to thaw them am give em some smoke.

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Looks great!


What was the weight?

Did you Brine? 

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Sorry Al...Next time. Had a nice smokey flavor and ring. I was amazed how juicy it was, seemed like it melted in your mouth.


It was 12# and I did not brine it. Was a butterball. I stuffed it with some onion and apples. Gave the inside a coating of Montreal poulty spice, the outside a little EVOO love with some poulty spice sprinkled on.

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Looks great!!  Makes me wanna pull mine out of the freezer!

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Great looking turkey. We are going to start seeing a lot of those in the next couple of months 

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and fried tooo...........biggrin.gif

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loverly!!  drool.gif



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Looks pretty nice ...YEAH next time give it a cut view on yer Q-view:bravo2:
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This turkey looks amazing well done

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Amazing!  nice work

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