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SSS - Simple Smoked Salmon

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It was my first attempt, so I kept it simple.


Soaked applewood chips in apple juice.

Masterbuilt Propane 30" on low.  It kept between 225 - 240

2.5 hours.

It was the only thing in the smoker, so a nice cloudy, rainy day in S. FL helped keep smoker temp below 250.


It was the most tasty, juicy and flavorful piece of fish the wife and I ever had.


3lb. fillet


10-01-11 011.jpg


EVOO, S&P, and Citrus Pepper Grinder from Spice Hunter.


10-01-11 012.jpg


2.5 hours.


10-01-11 013.jpg


10-01-11 014.jpg


Sorry about the white back ground.  At dinner time, it's hurry and snap the pic, then eat!


10-01-11 015.jpg

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Very nice.

I have some nice salmon in freezer.

Gonna try and do mine Bearcarvers way.

Hope it works.

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