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Another Butt

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Last week butt came out so good I try another one


12 AM


2011-09-30 23.12.14.jpg


10 AM 160 degrees time to wrap it.


2011-10-01 10.15.20.jpg




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looks good, thanks for the view!

...more pics to come?...

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Originally Posted by SupercenterChef View Post


...more pics to come?...

Yep, the next time I look at it, after it rest in the cooler. I won't look at it when it gets to 200,  just add another wraping of foil and into the cooler.


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Looks delicious, Tom! Get that coleslaw and beaked beans ready! drool.gif

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nice job!  Looks tasty!

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St Louis Ribs going on right now!!!

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Road Trip!

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Good to see you posting all these smokes. Looks good so far.
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St. Louis style spare ribs research



2011-10-01 16.51.57.jpg


At the same time I'm working on a out door sleeping area.


2011-10-01 17.19.34.jpg



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 A few more Q view.



2011-10-01 18.56.46.jpg




2011-10-01 19.02.56.jpg





2011-10-01 19.13.02.jpg



Before wraping.


2011-10-01 19.37.07.jpg










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Looks great Tom.

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Ribs half sauce/with out.


2011-10-01 22.05.22.jpg



The ribs tasted GREAT but my cooking was off. I was trying to do to many thing at the same time.


2011-10-01 22.12.47.jpg


Over all dinner was great.


2011-10-01 22.23.53.jpg







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Man that looks great. Good job Tom

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Looks delicious Tom!


Great job!

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Great job Tom . Looks real good

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