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It just arrived last night....

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I was talking with my bride about my smoker. I mentioned that I wanted to try overnight smokes for big pork butts and to experiment with brisket (since I have never done these). When I was a boy, we had a house fire and I have never felt comfortable leaving an open fire overnight and since I have a GOSM big bock, overnight smokes had not really been something I could consider.

I told her that an electric smoker could do this and the only disadvantage I could see was the lack of a smoke ring, which I never felt was a necessity. She said she thought an early Christmas present was a possibility (since she didn't have to come up with and idea, find the item, buy it, or wrap it, GOSH DARN!). Anyhow, I went searching and found what I wanted on She said great, she had some stuff she wanted there, too so go ahead.

My brand new MES 40" was delivered yesterday afternoon. I am going to set it up and season it this weekend. Have I a wonderful bride??
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Congrats on the new toy. Now you need to get one more toy to make that baby sing all nite long. Get yourself an AMNPS. It will allow you to go the whole night with great TBS.

You are in for some FUN now

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I already have one. I could swear I saw a recent thread where Todd showed pictures of how best to position one in an MES 40, but I haven't been able to find it. I left him a PM, but if you can remember the thread and provide me link, I would appreciate it.
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Sounds like you have a great bride but the true test is whether or not she looks at you crazy for taking tons of pictures of your smoke and dinner plate. I still sneak my pics cuz my wife and the in-laws don't understand the importance of Q-View.

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Congrats on your addition to the family!
Here's a few pics of the AMNPS starting procedure

Light the pellets with a propane torch for about 45 seconds thru the starting hole

Allow the flame to burn for 10 minutes before you blow it out

About 2" of pellets will be burned
Notice the Nice TBS

AMNPS on the rails inside the MES
Face the burning pellets towards the wall
Face the burning pellets towards the chip pan housing and they burn faster

Pull the chip pan out 1 1/2"
This helps with air flow

Pull the chip loader out about 2"
This will allow for more intake air
Push in for less intake air

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Congrats on the new toy    thumb.gif

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Congrats on the new smoker!  Looking forward to some overnight cook qviews!!!!!

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Thanks, all. And thanks especially to Todd for the pictures!
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