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Smoke Blower ?

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Under my user name is "Smoke Blower"....is that good or bad in the Smoking Meat World ? How do we get these ?

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Its not bad at all. As you post more your title will change. I forget the number of post per label.
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The Tags change with the number of posts you make, I can't remember where but someone will post the thread explains it all. The exceptions are "Premier" and "OTBS Member"....Premier comes with a paid Full membeship status, other perc's too, and OTBS Member is a status awarded by the Moderator's and Admin's for members that have demonstrated there Extensive Knowledge and Dedication to Sharing and Perpetuating Our Art...JJ

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By no means take anything in a derogatory sense whatsoever, it is all meant to encourage you to post, ask questions, add your own great advice or just concur with others!  This forum is only as good as its members and their value is immeasureable!  It's like a world-wide little family gathering!

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It's like getting a new belt in Karate class.

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Whats after "Smoke Blower"? Im moist with anticipation.

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