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Looking real good. icon14.gif
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thanks!  just probed around with a therm.  its going in like butter. ranging from 185-210ish.  pulling soon... AGAIN THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!!!

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Looks great!


Nice bark!

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all great advice're gonna be fine with some scrumptious looking pork for the guests. Spash a little AJ in the foil if you have it and let it get happy in the cooler for a few hours....I'd say people are gonna love it

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MAN that is BEAUTIFUL!  That must of come from one HUGE PORKER!  Enjoy and the help is here 24/7...Happy Birthday to Dad!...JJ

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Hey we are not far from each other at all! Can I have some left overs? biggrin.gif


I hope it all came out good, it looks good so far.

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It was great watching all the good advice being given.
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

She's looking good. It would prob shred pretty easy right now. You can always test by grabbing the bone and it it pulls easy you know your good to go.

What Brian said, If the bone pulls out it's ready!
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Originally Posted by Nickrp View Post

yeah i have 3 hours left and it has been stalled at 170 for 4 hours or so.  Im going to let it go in the smoker till 1030 then im going to pull it and have to toss it in oven PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif in order to get the ribs going.  so it may not have to sit in cooler too after all.  ill post a pic soon.

I knew that bad boy had to stall. For a minute I thought you had found the magic butt. I had a couple that had me freaking out thinking they would finish too soon but that stall comes out of nowhere and saves the day.


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